Tuesday, September 9, 2008

After photos

Below are my after pictures. Most of these were taken by my family in my sitting room and I must say they really sow off a great representation of my final result. As you can see in the photos the hairline placement frames my face perfectly. The hairline is dense and looks completely natural. Looking at my before pictures I still can't believe how far I have come!

Post procedure photos

Here are my photos showing where they placed my grafts. It also shows how well i have healed. Things were practicaly unoticeable 2 and a half weeks after my procedure.

Before photos

Here are some pictures of me before my surgery at AlviArmani Hair Transplant Clinic. In a few of the photos you see me with friends. I kept my hair very short as I was extremely self conscious about my hair loss. In the pictures taken at the clinic my hair is grown out a bit. These photos show how bad off I truly was. The full frontal half of my head was very thin and my temples had receded so far back that it was impossible to look anything other then balding. I was not happy with either of these looks to say the least.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Looking For the Benefits of Follicular Unit Extraction Surgery in Alvi Armani Blog?

Out of the two common methods of hair restoration surgery, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method is more popular. Although there are some areas where this method will not be as effective as the other common method FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), it is to this date, one of the best methods available. 

Below are some reasons why this argument is valid:

-          FUE especially suits women that suffer from thinning. Women do not lose hair as much as men so this might be the perfect method for most women.

-          There is no shortage of healthy donor units for successful procedure in case of slow and gradual hair loss. FUT requires healthy donor area so immediately you can establish a connection. In case of healthy donor site, FUT might be more preferred in certain cases.

-          There is minimal scarring in FUE method. This method is also used to correct scarring marks from FUT strip harvesting procedures.

-          For women, this method is ideal because it has minimal visual negative impact and the end result of Follicular Unit Extraction is a very natural looking head of hair. FUE is also ideal for men who wear shorter hair lengths and who are stressed about visible scaring.

-          Wounds heal faster in FUE compared to other transplantation methods.

Things to Look Out
Although, this method might be a little costly when pitted against FUT, Follicular Unit Extraction is still the best method of the two. It is one method both genders can look forward to. However, this method requires expert skills and can only be excellently executed by a professional surgeon. Lucky for Californians and Americans, Alvi Armani has a team personally trained by Dr. Antonio Alvi Armani, the Guru of FUE. Now, FUE is within the reach of every person living in United States. Women and med can visit Alvi Armani blog for more information.